What is an Electronic Cigarette?


The electronic cigarette is a modern device that uses a charged battery to vaporize a flavored liquid. The act of using an electronic cigarette is known as vaping. The person using the device inhales the vapor which is responsible for bringing out the desired effect. The flavored liquid in e-cigarette commonly consists of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin.


It is a common believe that e-cigarette is safer than tobacco cigars; however, there is no proof. Scientists are yet to conduct a thorough study concerning the health effects of e-cigarette though it has been observed that electronic cigarette could help smoking addicts quit tobacco for good.


People need to understand the advantages of using an electronic cigarette over the tobacco cigars. The hype with which smokers received from vaping the electronic cigars was ideal for people to change the use of the deadly tobacco smoking.


Smokers who have had a chance to use vaping in pakistan hails the product since it has no odor unlike the tobacco cigarette which leaves the smoker with a distinctive smell. The scent a smoker gets from smoking tobacco is so stubborn that the smoker needs to eat strong scented sweets or bubblegum to try and hide the tobacco smell nonetheless the clothes and other stuff near the smoking zone get the strong tobacco smell too. Therefore it is almost a holy grail to hide the tobacco scent however with electronic cigarettes which are a good alternative to tobacco smoking have no unique smell that will leave passers-by and people close to the smoker noticing. Instead of smoke, the e-cigarette produces vapor which escapes when exhaled. Therefore it is very hard for anybody to realize that a person uses an electronic cigar unless they see them vaping.


It should also be noted that electronic cigarettes are way cheaper than traditional cigarettes. The cost of tobacco cigars keeps on rising now and then, because the production of tobacco is limited to some parts of the world this, however, contributes to the high prices associated with nowadays tobacco cigarettes. The government also plays smart to reduce the number of smokers by heavily taxing the tobacco products. The health hazards caused by smoking tobacco are the primary driver behind the heavy taxation of tobacco. Tobacco smoking claims so many lives every year due to the health dangers that accrue to it. Liver cancer is probably one of the main dangers that make tobacco a dreadful for the health of the smoker. E-cigars are more affordable since they use some form of technology which makes it possible for people to make the purchase of it at a lower price than tobacco cigars.


Though the health effects of e-cigars are yet to be unraveled there is hope that they are the best. Therefore smokers should consider trying out e-cigarette to avoid the known health hazards of Tobacco.


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